How To Reduce PDF Size?

How to reduce the size of a PDF document, There are rules for file sizes which depend on what back-office system or purpose you need to resize. For instance in most e Filing courts throughout the United states. the file size should t be below 35 MB so it can be successfully e Filed in US

How to Determine the size of the PDF file

If you us Adobe Acrobat then checking the PDF file is very easy. Just click on the File and Properties. You will see a lots of information about your document which include PDF file size.

Alternately, you can also navigate to the folder that contain your PDF document then give a right-click on it, next click Properties to Determine PDF size.

3 Tips to Reduce the size of PDF document

#1 Avoid scanning PDFs wherever possible

It is a misconception that, to create PDF, or to combine multiple PDF documents and exhibit into a single PDF file, we have to print all and scan it together. Electronic form of converted files are much smaller in sizes than scanned files.

We have to scan PDFs that exist are in paper form only and all other files can be digitally converted from the original document simply by saving them as PDF files. Moreover, individual documents can be instantly combined as PDF files with help of Adobe Acrobat software.

#2 Save Document as “Reduced Size PDF”

In case your PDF file is still very large even after you have produced it electronic, rather by scan, there are some steps to do. The easiest one is to re-save the PDF file as a reduced size PDF file. To do that use latest version of Adobe Acrobat, just open the PDF file you want to re-save as a small one, select File, Save as Other, and then Reduced Size PDF file. You will be prompted to select the compatible version you want and then click OK to save it. I recommend set compatibility a minimum Acrobat X because that version is widely used by people.

This technique is easy and fast but reduces the quality of images and may also remove digital signatures on file. If you want more control instead use the optimization method explained below.

#3 Using Adobe Acrobat’s PDF Optimizer

Once in a while you want more control over some elements of the PDF document are reduced in quality. In that situations, choose the PDF optimizer tool and it’s a best tool to optimize any PDF.

To perform that it is good to audit the file’s space usage before optimizing your PDF file — review elements in doc, such as images, fonts etc.., which uses most of the data. The results of this give some ideas about where best to reduce file size.

To start optimizing, simply open PDF in Adobe Acrobat, then click your File and Save as Other, and then Optimized PDF file. Dialog box will appear and click on Audit space usage in the top right corner. You will see a table of info something like this below image:

The optimizer tool give us full control on the elements of PDF that can be compressed easily. Simply Select the check box which next to the panel (example: fonts, Images), and in that panel select the options. There a lot of choices to use, so it is good to read the Adobe help guide to understand how each and every option help.