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Below is the list of helpful PDF resources and some important online pdf tools to make your pdf related work easy as possible.

How To Find in My Computer

There are many different categories of documents will come to us in the format of PDF files and it is easy to lose the track of PDF files on our PC. Then it becomes a challenge is to find PDF files that you are looking for. After you have found the file, you might surprise about how to look up words in a PDF document. There are few ways to find PDF files on your PC;  but to search specific words in a PDF file or if you want to find and replace a word in PDF, you need a special tools like PDF element. In this article i will show you how to find local PDFs on your computer and how to search PDF document for specific text words.

3 Ways to Find PDF Files on your Computer

Here are three easy ways to find PDF files on your computer, some of which are outlined in this below section.

WAY 1: Windows Search function

This method is the easiest way to find all the PDF files on our computer or laptop system, simply you have to use the Search function in the “Windows Start menu” on your computer. Here are the step by step:

Just Take your cursor and click the start button on the bottom left in Windows 10. If you are using Windows older version like XP, you will see a link named as  ‘All Files and Folders’ you have to click it to see the search box.

Now in task bar, just type this “*.pdf” without any quotes and press Enter.

Search results will appear and now go through the results list and click on a file to open in default PDF application that you are using in computer.

find pdf files

WAY 2 : File Explorer

Another easiest method to locate PDF files on your computer is to use File Explorer which is handy search function. It is one of the best options to search specific file extensions similar to the first method.

Open File Explorer window in your computer.

Now In the search box on the top right of your PC screen, enter “type: .pdf” – (without the quotes hit Enter) If you know the name of the file, you simply type the name of it in and see if your PDF appears in the results.

In the main window, you will see your PDF files displayed as list. Click on the file which you are looking for to open it in your existing installed PDF application.

WAY 3: Use Cortana

Not many people use this method Cortana to interact with Windows ( If you compare with to Google Assistant or Alexa), but voice search is useful in this method.

In the taskbar of Cortana on Windows 10, again type in the query or simply click on the icon of microphone to activate Cortana function. The query can be either “find PDF files” or ” PDF files” or just “All PDF files.” If you want to use voice, then use the same query words.

Cortana will  process the search and displays the query results in a new window. Now you can access any of the file which you see there and open it in a PDF program or app.

The above three methods are simple and will let you find any PDF file in your computer or laptop, However if you want to know deep and find specific words in your PDF document which is very useful function when large PDF files are running into dozens or even thousands of pages. In the  below section, we will show you a versatile PDF editor which can complete very task.

How to Find and Replace Words in PDF File?

PDF element is a wide PDF management tool which allow us to search for specific phrases and words in any PDF document file. It’s a powerful software with very useful core features,  we have listed them below:

Editing a document: It makes editing very simple with intuitive tools to edit text, images, videos, links, and all other contents in a PDF file.

PDF Creation: We can create a PDF document file from any type of source file, such as Word, PPT, HTML, Excel, etc. This software can easily handle a wide range of file types and will convert all the contents into PDF file while maintaining key aspects like the layouts, font type and size, and all.

PDF Conversion: Converting into a file is just a matter of opening a file and click on the format we want as output. PDF element software Supports for various type of files and, also the layouts and other elements will be kept exactly as in our original PDF document.

Forms Creation: We can create interactive forms automatic or manually, do Form Field Recognition to convert scanned form into editable one, create a form from the scratch or with one of the so many templates available, and we can do a lot more with forms on PDF element.

OCR: Scanned PDF files will be a big problem often because they are not searchable and editable. But Performing OCR in PDF element (In Premium version; we can install OCR plugin) will let us convert our PDF files into a full searchable and also make it as editable version.

Protection: PDF element will let us secure our PDF file with an encrypted password and also includes many privacy tools such as redaction and the ability to add water mark.

Batch Processes: With the support of PDF element most of the features told above can be accomplished in a bulk for multiple PDF files in a single batch, this will save our time and efforts which can be used in other productive works.

In case if we have several instances of a particular phrase or word in our PDF file, this amazing software PDF element will allow us to search fast for all of them and also highlight them in the PDF document, below following methods which we can help to replace all the instances of the word or phrase in question. PDF element is very helpful to complete many PDF tasks easily.

Way 1: Native Search Function

Click on search icon (magnifying glass) that exist in the preview pane on the left side.

Now type in the search box a word or phrase to be found.

Choose the case sensitivity or the whole word match option by checking the correspondent box.

All the instances of the search term will be highlighted on the PDF document for redaction or manual replacements.

pdf search engine

Way 2: Control+F Advanced Search Option

Press Ctrl + F on the computer.

Now enter the search word or a phrase you want.

Click on Replace With.

Now Enter the replacement word or phrase then submit Enter.

search pdf

How to Search PDF on IPHONE?

Without any difficulty here you will know some simple and quick way to search PDF straight away in your apple iPhone. A fast and easy shortcut for searching a PDF file is not just limited for PCs and tablets online. Now it’s easy to search PDF on your iPhone mobile and use the given shortcut if you are struggling with these questions.

  • How to open PDF file on iphone?
  • Where can I find downloaded files on my iphone? (Iphone7, iphone 10, iphone 11, 12 etc)
  • Where pdf files are stored on iphone from whatsapp?
  • how do I find PDF on iphone? safari

Shortcut: This step by step guide details for how to search a PDF on any iPhone and we all know apple uses IOS operating system so it works on type of iphone version. First think about the last time you physically scanned PDF on your iphone to find something more specific.  However that is not the only method to locate particular PDF on your iphone mobile. Try below easy shortcut to search PDF quickly on your iPhone device.

  1. First launch the PDF reader on your iPhone mobile.
  2. Now Open the PDF which you want to search.
  3. Look towards the upper right on the screen and locate the magnify glass.
  4. Then tap the magnify glass to type in the text you want to search.
  5. Navigate search results that popup on screen.

How to Open PDF on Android?

I will share two easy ways to find PDFs and read on your Android device. To view PDF documents you need any of the below PDF reader App on your phone that usually comes as built in option in latest phones.

  • Adobe PDF reader
  • Librera PDF reader

Use Adobe PDF Reader for Android Phone

This application is from Adobe software company, which is the creator of PDF file format. Adobe Reader is popular on Windows PCs and one of the best Android PDF apps on the Google Play Store.

  1. First Download and install Adobe Reader app from play store on your Android smartphone or tablet (if it is already inbuilt in your phone then follow next step)
  2. Open your PDF file by using Adobe PDF reader or file manager app.

Using File Manager

Make sure the PDF you want is on Android smartphone or tablet, in case if the file is on your personal computer then connect your android device by using USB cable for transfer file to your phone.

Steps to follow

  • First navigate to the folder where your PDF file is stored.
  • Now Tap on the PDF file as shown in below picture

From the folder simply tap on the pdf file you want to

  • Adobe Reader will automatically open the PDF file in our mobile device.

Using Adobe Reader App

  • Just tap the “Files” button at the bottom part of the screen.
  • Now Select “On This Device.” If your document is on a cloud storage then find for related service.

Option to Tap “On This Device”

  • Now Browse and scan all PDF documents there.
  • Open any document just by tap on file.

After locate Tap on the file

In case if you know the name of your PDF file then use the “Search” feature located at the bottom left side of the screen to find the document fast.

Use the search option for quick search of the PDF file

Using Librera PDF Reader

Icon of Librera PDF reader

The Librera PDF reader is another best PDF reader available on Google play store to download and it is easy to use and customization options like night mode, full screen view and text translation by using online dictionaries.


  1. First Download and install the Librera PDF Reader app on your Android phone or tablet pc. There is an ad-free pro version of librera app if you want and it also includes a search filter as a bonus option.
  2. Make sure that your PDF document is saved on your Android device.
  3. Now Open the document by using the File Manager and look for the PDF file that you wish to view on your android device.
  4. Tap on the file so librera PDF Reader will open the PDF document.  (Note:-We can also open PDF file manually after the launch of librera app by going to the “BROWSE” tab and navigate to the folder that contain your document.)

PDF Tools  – Life Simple!

The following PDF tools and essential guides will help you work on PDFs, you can customize PDF, change, convert all most everything possible.

Compress PDF: How do i reduce PDF size? Use this tool and there are rules for file sizes which depend on what system or purpose you need to resize.

PDF to word: Know How to convert your PDF file to MS word document in few easy step by step guide and its free online tool to change PDFto word file

PDF to JPG: You can convert PDF file to JPG online without any cost, simple by using this free tool converter service to change PDFs to JPG format